Afterword to the initial post

The first post is intended to be simple and a first attempt at a mission statement for the organization. I followed the advice of leadership speaker/author Simon Sinek and did my best to #startwithwhy and outline why I'm doing this, how I plan to do it, and finally what the product is.

BBH is a consulting business that is located in Leduc, Alberta, Canada. It is on the Alberta Corporate registry with a GST corporation number and a business license with the City of Leduc. This website focuses on four elements which hopefully helps people choose their area of focus.

I wanted to put all of my interests into one place and share as much as I can with as many people as possible and share as much information as possible. The website focuses on Health, Knowledge, Ventures, and Networking in that specific order. However, the common theme among all the pages within the site is that the same method of practicing Continuous Improvement is applied in each area. I cannot take any credit for the method or the sequence. It is simply an evolution of the scientific method as it was applied to scientific management, then quality management, and most recently with continuous improvement which is commonly also known as lean management. I will eventually highlight this evolution and give proper academic credit to its authors in another post.

The steps in question are: Set a target, measure your position, take action to close that gap between the present position and the target. When you are done taking action, check your situation and act again.

I am looking forward to sharing my learnings in this forum.

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