How do you like that for change?

Wow! I was giving a lot of thought to how I could craft a clever narrative that could clearly illustrate the need for change along with an outstanding example of how an effective team can respond to that need driven by a common purpose. I really wish that I didn't have such a good example that everybody can relate to right now. The entire world changed in the blink of an eye.

I do not know where to begin in all of this. I have time on my hands at the moment because my employer cannot sustain all of the staff payroll when demand has effectively stopped. Being one who works in the business of being hands on in the operation to set it up for long term success is not exactly feasible when the population is being asked to stay home and there is a looming closure. The bright side of this is that my mind and skill set is available to help serve the community despite the need for isolation.

So, I go back to thinking about Purpose, Teamwork, and Empowerment. Getting clarity on purpose is a bit overwhelming in this situation because when I ask myself what my purpose is in this pandemic, I am faced with conflicting answers. My first purpose is to serve my family and ensure that our most basic needs are met. Next is to myself so that I can remain healthy and capable of providing. Then, to the community that I remain responsible and do not participating in spreading the infection. Intertwined in all of this is a strong desire to use my skill for the benefit of somebody (charities, communities, manufacturers, health care workers, supply chain workers, essential service providers) in all of this.

So with the basic needs addressed of the family and two thirds of the Hulkamania trio completed for the day (prayer and vitamins), I'm afforded a few minutes to contemplate how my gifts are best used before I complete the trifecta with some time in the home gym.

Here are my thoughts:

The World Health Organization, federal and provincial government as well as the general online community have done an effective job of communicating the importance of controlling this problem with preventive actions superbly. Hand washing, social distancing, and covering coughs or sneezes is now a part of the world's vocabulary. Less practiced is the recommendation of getting your information from accurate resources. That said, I'll do my part by staying home as much as possible, checking myself for fever before leaving the house if I need to go out, and covering up as much as possible when out.

Health care workers, retail workers, bankers, utility employees, factory workers, farmers, truck drivers, and warehouse workers have admirably shown how much society as a whole depends on them and certainly deserve the respect and gratitude from all of us.

There are shortages of personal protective equipment, life supporting equipment, disinfectants, and care providers right now. What kind of support can continuous improvement practitioners provide at a time when stability, capacity, and supply is so important?

I'm ready to help. Please do reach out if you have an immediate need to solve a systematic problem.

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