Is there a gap in the marketplace and an opportunity to make something revolutionary?

The past few Saturday's were spent in customer development training. One of the key principles that goes all the way back to W. Edwards Deming's teachings is that the best product quality and development systems are useless unless a customer wants to pay for it.

Consequently, I'm reflecting now on who the customers are out there and what opportunity exists to develop a system and community of support to help fix those problems. The training recommends approaching experts in the field to validate assumptions in the business model and interviewing potential customers to develop a product market fit.

I would like to use this platform to make a request to thought leaders in Lean/Continuous Improvement to assess the risks and help me prioritize what needs to be developed in the model.

I would also like to use this platform to initiate discussions with Small to Medium Business owners to have conversations about their needs to validate the assumptions and risks.

Are you able to help me with this investigation? Do you know somebody who can? Please contact me or share this post with a contact who can.

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