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Updated: Jan 6, 2020

I guess now is a good time to speak a bit about the health section of the webpage. Many people come into a new year wishing to make a significant impact on their life. As have I. When I was able to do this really well I had a couple of things in place which really helped my cause. 1) I had a team around me. I participated in exercise classes that had a coach and eventually a community around me which provided a very positive and uplifting atmosphere. I fed off of others' energy which allowed me to give more positive encouragement to teammates and also more energy for myself to put into the program. After a while I felt unstoppable. 2) There was a goal I was working toward which provided motivation to start and continue when I would hit a plateau.

I've been struggling for quite some time to determine the best way to build this up again. Last year, I registered for a marathon hoping that would fire up the drive to get out running but, time continued to roll by and by and my opportunities to begin passed. Eventually, it wound up coming to a point that I realized that the registration was lost and the money was sunk. Reflecting on why this happened come down to some things with life but, looking at the most successful period for my focus on health, I was also missing the team. It becomes hard to build a team atmosphere when your gym is 10 feet below where you eat and you are a relatively new resident in your community.

Imagine a community for health conscious people to gather, communicate, and collaborate. People can define their goals, share information, and view their progress on a dashboard. Shared ideas can be tested and people can have records of what works for them and what does not. I have seen and used many of these things already; there is an abundance of subscription services, social media groups, recreation center classes and health clubs. My goal this year is to see if I can help build a community and platform that can be used to improve your health by applying Continuous Improvement/Lean/Industrial Engineering philosophy. There is potential to help many and if that does not work, I at least hope to improve myself for it.

The challenge: Is it possible to develop an online community for teaching and developing continuous improvement skill for business and use the same platform to facilitate a personal health transformation? I guess I can be the first example of it.

Purpose: Be the best version of ourselves for the people in our homes, workplaces, and communities.

Teamwork: Help one another achieve our purpose by being accountable, supportive, disciplined, and analytical.

Empowerment: Provide the tools and environment that brings out the best in everybody. Develop problem solving mindsets and proficiency to overcome obstacles on the road to achieving purpose.

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