What do you know?

Today I want to reflect on knowledge.

As the work year winds down it's a good time to reflect on the year that has passed and look forward to the one coming up. It's time to renew memberships and keep licenses and certifications up to date. It's also time to set some goals and intentions for the upcoming year.

Getting certified has proven to be a very strong contributor to my professional development and I find it has driven a considerable improvement in my quality of work. When I achieved my green belt certification it drove a huge shift in my professional output along with a shift in life in general. I can say with certainty that a designation from the right organization warrants respect and brings a lot of added value.

To keep up with the momentum of study and examination I followed the green belt up with a post graduate diploma in manufacturing management. Studying business leadership really provided a deeper understanding of the things that need to be done to get people on board with going to where you want to go.

These two learning experiences really inspired me to share the things I've learned and inspired me to begin developing what I visualize as a community that provides a lot of the value adding content and a collaborative atmosphere for a group to learn together and collaborate to solve problems.

The knowledge section of the website will have this content. I visualize an interactive timeline of the history of Industrial Engineering starting with interchangeable parts, moving assembly lines, mass production, Toyota Production System, Lean, Six Sigma and other current trends like Lean Startup.

You must forgive me that my vision and words are easier to produce than the actual content but I need to write it down and get it onto "paper" so that I can either experiment with developing it or source it out.

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