What does that homepage mean?

I considered the intent and purpose of this website a long time ago. It started as a means to expand what was on my resume in a link I embedded in it. Then, I started to visualize a central location for everything that interested me personally and professionally.

Therefore, you will see five different headings on the main page of www.bbhinc.ca

Health: I did a lot of soul searching during my fifteen month layoff and I spent some time in the gym. This is a good place to be when you have some of that to do and I considered if I could make the plunge into personal training or possibly gym ownership. I do believe that my best self is actively engaged in three pillars of health: exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness. My purpose is to build a community that helps each other build their best selves by approaching the three pillars of health with a simple structured technique based on Continuous Improvement.

Knowledge: When my pursuit of a fitness career hit a roadblock I was given some advice that when things get tough, hit the books and build on the skills you already have. I went back to school to get some knowledge which led me to the most fulfilling job I've had in my career. This inspired me to seek a certification which improved the quality of my work and that in turn provided me the opportunity again to go back to school for management training. My purpose for this section is to build a community for people to share knowledge and learn in a collaborative environment so they can improve their lives, their vocations, and their communities.

Ventures: I believe that every idea is worth exploring and if you do it the right way, there is no limit to what you can do. Investing my career interests and all of my financial security into non renewable energy taught me a great lesson in 2015. As I learn new skills and try new things it could be worthwhile to put it out into the marketplace to see what kind of earning potential it has. This is part hobby, part speculation, and part insurance policy for the next dramatic swing the economy takes. At the moment, there is one venture posted which is focused on building the community spoke of in the knowledge section.

Network: To begin, this will simply be a place to connect on social media, sign up for a news letter, and perhaps coordinate some events. I am a firm believer in the power of teamwork and I am hopeful that I can drive further connections with like minded thinkers that want to make things happen.

Blog: You are already here. This is where the structure of the ideas is first created and it's even a part of the mindfulness journey. There's something rewarding about sitting down and defining thoughts with words. The words become ideas. Ideas become plans. And so forth.

I am hopeful that these words bring my ideas into clarity and inspire actions in my life. As these happen, I hope that I can show the progress to build credibility to this approach and inspire others to follow the example and do the same for themselves.

Thanks for reading.

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