What is the biggest problem facing your business today?

These days I guess this answer is kind of obvious. There is a global pandemic threatening public safety and cultural behaviour is changing. Consequently, people are not spending money or purchasing goods for fear of economic collapse.

With that said, we need to rebuild the economy and a new kind of business as usual will arise. I believe there is an opportunity to help people solve their new problems. We have shown as a society that we can. The orderly queuing to enter the warehouse superrmarket is just one example Of how we adapted.

i am searching for businesses that want to proactively solve their problems. Somebody with an early adopter mindset that is willing to begin fixing issues knowing that your long term success depends on a good plan, a good team, and a lot of practice and experimentation to fix the issues that stand between you and your goals.

if you like to help me refine a business model that helps many do exactly this collaboratively, please do connect with me. I would love to talk to you and provide you with an introduction to these concepts.

1) What I would like to ask you about:

your biggest problem

2) the things you have done to fix it

3) what kind of resources you think can help

4) what opportunities you are pursuing for growing your company

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